Kolohe Andino Owns Clips of the Month for March 2019

#1 Kolohe Andino | San Clemente, California

Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#2 Nathan Florence | Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Filmed by Nathan Florence

#3 Ian Crane | Northern California

Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#4 Nic Von Rupp | Nazaré, Portugal

Filmed by Pedro Miranda

#5 Matt Bromley | Mullaghmore, Ireland

Filmed by Andrew Kaineder

#6 Koa Smith | Off The Wall, Hawaii

Filmed by: Lucca Biot

#7 Jack Freestone | Gold Coast, Australia

Filmed by Scotty Hammonds

#8 Jay Davies | Indonesia

Filmed by RVCA

#9 Chippa Wilson | Waco, Texas

Filmed by Ryan Mack

#10 Jordy Smith | East Africa

Filmed by Wesley Lewis

Hunting Slabs Along the Irish Coast | Scenes From Cold Water Journal

Luckily it's cold as hell, and surfers like Justin Quintal, Cody Thompson and Nate Zoller can still find themselves locked into crystal vortexes on the Emerald Isle with relatively light crowds, which is exactly what they did a few years back with filmmaker Ben Weiland in tow. The clip above is from Ben's latest film, "Coldwater Journal", which documents his longtime obsession with chasing perfect, uncrowded waves to some of the earth's chilliest fringes.

To read more about “Coldwater Journal,” click here for an interview with Ben: https://www.surfer.com/features/ben-weiland-interview-coldwater-journal/

To watch the full film, click here to find it on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/coldwater-journal-presented-by-surfer/id1443249152?mt=6& ;amp;ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Ireland's Mullaghmore Slab is a Cold Water Teahupo'o | Amp Sessions | SURFER Magazine

Surf Ride Oceanside Crowned as Southwest Oakley Surf Shop Challenge Regional Champs

After four qualifying rounds in clean morning conditions five squads secured their positions in the final. Shops represented in the final heat were Hanger 94, Rusty Del Mar, Sun Diego Mission Beach, Surf Ride Oceanside, and Surf Ride Solana Beach. Conditions proved to be a little trickier for the final round as light onshore winds began to threaten.

Surf Ride Oceanside was consistent through the entire day, finishing with the second highest team score behind Sun Diego Mission Beach in round one and then carrying that momentum to the finals where they had strong start. Early in the final round, their second surfer, team rider Levi Slawson, whammied his first wave, a 9.40 (total wave score 18.80) that proved critical towards their total point tally. With the final heat coming to close, Rusty Del Mar’s fourth and final surfer was unable to secure the 8.71 required to take the lead, thus crowning Surf Ride Oceanside as the winners. The 2018 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge National Champions will now have the chance to defend their title in Nicaragua.

“The waves were a bit all over the place but we were able to get a few good ones”, said Surf Ride team rider Levi Slawson about the final heat. “I happened to get a perfect wave, the 9.4 whammy, and then all the boys just clutched it up and now we’re going to Nicaragua!”

Congratulations to Surf Ride Oceanside team members Braeden Steele, Levi Slawson, Brent Reilly, Tanner Waite on taking the Southwest win. The 2019 win marks the eighth Southwest regional Surf Shop Challenge title for Surf Ride Oceanside. (2019, 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008)

The Nixon Base Tide PRO-formance Award was presented to Surf Ride Oceanside competitor Levi Slawson for his aggressive backside tail release to airdrop during his team’s qualifying round.

New for 2019, the Nixon Base Tide PRO-formance Award is presented to the athlete who performs the most radical and progressive maneuver during competition at each event, as decided by the judging panel. Winners receive a custom 2019 Nixon Base Tide Pro watch and other Nixon accessories.

Special thanks to Oakley, SURFER and event partners Body Glove, Flexfit, Futures, Nixon, Mark & Dave’s, Merge 4, Reef, and Yeti for their support, without which the Surf Shop Challenge series would not be possible.

Up next is the Southeast regional qualifier at New Smyrna Beach Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, FL where Sunrise Surf Shop will look to build on their regional dominance for a chance to compete at the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge National Championship in Nicaragua.

Here is the full #SURFSHOPCHALLENGE 2019 schedule & waiting period:

2019 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge Schedule

• March 29 – Southwest – Seaside Reef, Cardiff, CA
o WINNER: Surf Ride Oceanside
• April 24/25 – Southeast – New Smyrna Beach Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, FL
• May 9/10 – Northwest – Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA
• June 6/7 – West – 54th or 56th Street, Newport Beach, CA
• July 11/12 – Hawaii – Ala Moana Bowls, South Shore, HI
• August 13/14 – Mid-Atlantic – Outer Banks, Nags Head, NC
• September 9-13 – National Championship – Mark & Dave’s, Playa Colorado, Nicaragua

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Russian Surf Adventure | Scenes from Coldwater Journal


Back in 2012, photographer Chris Burkard, along with cinematographer Ben Weiland, set out on a once-in-a-lifetime surf adventure to one of the remote surf destinations in the world: The Kamchatka Peninsula. Burkard and Weiland spent months planning this expedition, inviting surf-travel junkies Keith Malloy, Cyrus Sutton, Dane Gudauskas and Trevor Gordon to their Arctic mission when visa finally cleared and the strike was on.

In "Coldwater Journal"--a new 44-minute, full-length film--director and cinematographer Ben Weiland revisits Kamchatka, Russia with a fresh perspective. To read more about “Coldwater Journal,” click here for an interview with Weiland: https://www.surfer.com/features/ben-weiland-interview-coldwater-journal/

Avoiding Freezing to Death and Scoring Arctic Surf | Scenes From Coldwater Journal


Right before Christmas last year, we teamed up with intrepid filmmaker Ben Weiland to create a documentary highlighting Weiland's lifelong passion of chasing waves to places few would ever want to look. The 45-minute film, called “Coldwater Journal,” tells the story of a decade-long journey with fellow fringe-wave connoisseurs to some of the most inhospitable surf zones in the world. Over the next few months, we'll show you some highlights from "Coldwater Journal," starting with an arctic mission with Dane Gudauskas, Keith Malloy and Pat Millen, who went way off the beaten path in one of the most extreme climates imaginable. To read more about "Coldwater Journal," click here for an interview with Weiland.

Derrick Disney Works His Twinzer Magic | HandMade | SURFER

San Diego has always had its fair share of curious board builders, always looking for new sensations and ways to have fun in the ocean. Derrick Disney is one such inquisitive soul, who grew up riding thrusters but eventually took a hard left turn, making his own boards and exploring a colorful universe of singles, twins, logs, asymmetricals, gliders and more. His latest design fixation is the twinzer: essentially a reverse quad concept (with the smaller fins leading) that was first invented in the ’80s by shaper Wil Jobson, but has largely vanished from lineups since. Derrick has been playing with the fin setup for a few boards now with some truly impressive (and highly stylish) results. Press play above to hear Derrick breakdown his shaping philosophy and watch his twinzer in action.

The Top 10 Surf Clips From the Month of February 2019

Jack Freestone took top honors with his flawless Kirra ride during the barrel fest that was Cyclone Oma. Runner-up Barron Mamiya dropped his latest edit "Mind" right before the turn of the month, showcasing his inimitable backside tube-riding. His stylish double hand-drag at Cloudbreak earned him the No. 2 spot on the list. Aussie youth Toby Mossop's seemingly never-ending barrel warranted him the No. 3 spot. Italo, Yago, and Chippa's high-performance aerial antics got them in the mix. And remember Parko's enviable drainer at Off the Wall in Griffin Colapinto's recent edit? That landed him at No. 6. To see the rest of the top 10 clips, hit play on the edit above or find the original films at surfer.com

#1 Jack Freestone | Gold Coast, Australia
Filmed by Joel Scott

#2 Barron Mamiya | Cloudbreak, Fiji
Filmed by Cole Yamane

# 3 Toby Mossop | Gold Coast, Australia
Filmed by Billy Lee-Pope

# 4 Italo Ferreira | Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Filmed by Felipe Queiroz

#5 Yago Dora | Waco, Texas
Filmed by …Lost Surfboards

#6 Joel Parkinson | Off The Wall, Hawaii
Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#7 Chippa Wilson | France
Filmed by Guillem Cruells

#8 Griffin Colapinto | Oahu, Hawaii
Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#9 Pat Gudauskas | Rincon, California
Filmed by Sean Lesh

#10 Pete Devries | Pacific Northwest
Filmed by Nate Laverty

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