The Greatest Wipeouts From Nazaré | SURFER | Crashes and Burns

Land Footage: Nuno Dias
Drone Footage: Máquina Voadora
Additional Land Footage: Pedro Miranda

The 2018 SURFER AWARDS | Presented by Pau Maui Vodka

Brett Barley, Ben Weiland, and Elli Magnusson Chase the First Winter Swell Across the Artic | SURFER

Looking for waves in that region involves all the complications of a typical surf-expedition—journeys to remote areas, fickle conditions, etc.—multiplied by a rough estimate of one thousand. What’s more: there’s not exactly some comprehensive “Surfing California”-esque equivalent for the Nordic islands (get on it, Bank Wright!).

Accompanied by photographer Elli Thor Magnusson and OBX-based combo-king, Brett Barley, Weiland and crew traverse the far reaches of of the Artic, rolling the dice on the opportunity to score one potentially promising swell. And judging by the shimmering blue tubes shown in the trailer above, from our perch here—sitting in front of a laptop in a climate controlled environment—hey, looks worth the trouble!

Photography: Elli Thor Magnusson

Coming Soon: SURFER's New Full-length Feature Film, "Coldwater Journal"

SURFER's new 45-minute full-length film, "Coldwater Journal," documents Weiland's journey with fellow fringe wave connoisseurs Alex Gray, Dane Gudauskas, Timmy Reyes, Sam Hammer, Cyrus Sutton, Keith Malloy and more as they chase swells to the furthest-flung destinations and face the kinds of challenges most surfers could never conceive. From the bear-infested shores of Russia, to the storm-ravaged coasts of the Aleutian Islands, "Coldwater Journal" chronicles a different kind of surf travel, and celebrates the spirit of true explorers.

"Coldwater Journal" comes out December 18, 2018. Check out the trailer above and pre-order here:

Surfers Barter Crude Oil and Beer For Access To Virgin Waves | The Forgotten Archipelago | Roark

With no hope of rescue, the crew took lifeboats on a five-month journey to Elephant Island. From there, Shackleton took five men and a 22-foot longboat 800 miles across the stormiest stretch of ocean in the world. After 14 days, against all odds, the small crew found South Georgia Island. It took 137 days and several ice-thwarted attempts, but Shackleton eventually returned for his men, and none of the original 28 were lost. "We had reached the naked soul of man," he alleged. "Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all."

Shackelton's story is famous for being an example of the power of strong leadership and the fortitude of the human spirit. For me, however, the story is just as interesting for its allusions to the South Atlantic's raw ocean energy and the surf it surely generates. Shackleton described sailing through waves "50 feet from tip to trough," during his journey to South Georgia Island. I wondered if rideable waves existed along the coasts of these forsaken southern isles, and if there were quality waves, were they even reachable? I wasn't the only one wondering.

Read the rest of Nate Zoller's adventure at:

Torren Martyn Puts His All-Twin-Fin Quiver to the Test | SURFER Magazine

The Making of the Trophy with Alrik Yuill | SURFER Awards 2018

It's a funny thing, thinking about how the things we make today could last into eras so far ahead, we can't even begin to imagine what life—let alone surfing—will be like. For Yuill, that's part of the appeal of working with bronze and creating beautiful works of art that will outlast us all. That's also what makes the 2018 SURFER Awards trophies so special.

Yuill, an artist and shaper based in Costa Mesa, CA, has been working in bronze for years, creating abstract pieces based on the human form as well as a few stylized surf-focused sculptures. The process he uses is more or less the same as what was used in the aptly-titled Bronze Age some 3000ish years BC. With support from our friends at Vans, Yuill was able to create a series of bronze surfer figures akin the Ancient Greek "Spear-Bearer" sculpture. In Yuill's mind, the comparison highlights the challenge that the best surfers in the world greet when they enter the water to achieve truly incredible things—you know, the stuff worthy of a SURFER Award, the highest honor in surfing.

Press play on the video above to see how, exactly, these bronze surf sculptures came to be, and be sure to tune in to this year's SURFER Awards show on Thursday, December 6.

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Photo by Mike Nelson

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