As we begin a year of celebrating turning 70, take a look back at our 2017 highlights. 70 years old and still at the forefront of lightweight engineering.

Focused fairly and squarely on aggressive track performance and point-to-point supremacy. Check out a lap on track in the Exige Cup 430 at Hethel.

The limited edition Evora GT430. One of 60 to be built.

How We Did it - take a look at our latest video showing how the Exige Cup 380 totals a low weight of 1057 kg.

Listen to this sound coming from the Evora GT430.

A new sound for 2017 from the Elise Sport 220 and Sprint 220.

Unrivalled in its class: faster, sharper, and more direct than its adversaries, the Exige Sport 380 is definitely not for the timid!

Step behind the scenes of Hethel and see how much attention and detail is handbuilt into every single Lotus.

A prestige moment in an Evora 400 from Prestige Imports Miami.

Something for the weekend, this is what driving dreams are made of.

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The Class of 2016. What a year we have had. Here are the highlights of five new cars.

Classic Team Lotus visit our Hethel Track to test a Type 16.

One of 8 originally built, this was the last front engined Lotus F1 Car.

Even though his passing was premature, his legacy and reputation live on in our business every day as we continue to engineer and build the world’s best driver's cars adhering to Colin’s light weight design philosophies.

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The Lotus Lightweight Laboratory reveals some of its secrets.

High powered, highly evolved, and ferociously fast, the Lotus Exige Sport 380 is the fastest Exige ever! It is no longer the best in class, it’s in a class of its own! Find out more: