How Old is Civilization Really?

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5. Natufians
At the end of the ice age, the natufian culture began to settle down in the area of modern day israel in the eastern part of the mediterranean. They built the first settlements in the region as well as the first neolithic structures. While many would argue that Ur is the first city in the world, others would suggest that this little known culture constructed the first city known as Jericho. They had the ability to cultivate grains as well as rye and were the ones who domesticated fig trees. Evidence of the first bread and beer was found in this region which gave this semi nomadic culture a reason to celebrate. The city of Jericho dates back to 11000 years ago, making it much older than the city of Ur. It even had some of the first defensive walls of any city to keep out violent invaders. A 14th century map of jericho shows that it has a spiral canal like design, almost like something you’d expect to see from atlantis.

4.. City of Ur
Mesopotamia is considered to be the cradle of civilization and is the fertile valley between the Tigris and Euphrates river in modern day Iraq. This widely considered by mainstream historians to be home to the first organized civilization which was home to Sumerians. They were the ones who constructed the first known city call,”Urak” or “Ur” around 4500 BC. They evolved from nomadic hunter gathering clans, to a civilization that would shape the culture of this land for thousands of years to come. Scientists and archaeologists unearthed what’s known as a Ziggurat, which was a sumerian style step pyramid in this ancient capital which might have looked like when it was in operation use. The Ziggurat of Ur was completed in the 21st Century BC. The city was excavated in the 1930’s and it showed evidence of advanced infrastructures complete with schools, hospitals, irrigation systems, roads, temples to the gods, agriculture, courts etc finally creating an organized society. How did such advanced systems displayed in this city seemingly spring up overnight from the stone age with people living huts? Are historians still a little too quick to consider this the first civilization though?

3.Indus Valley civilization
This civilization prospered between 3300 BC until around 1700 BC when they mysteriously vanished. They thrived in the indus river valley which is found in northeast Pakistan and India.There are signs of religious practices taking place here as far back as 5500 BC. Farming settlements began around 4000 BC and showed signs of urbanization a thousand years later. During its peak, there were over 5 million people and they were quite skilled with metallurgy and crafting things from tin, copper, bronze and lead. The indus civilization had their own writing systems to rival with that of the mesopotamians They are notable city builders with advancements in elaborate drainage systems, water supplies and sturdy brick houses. What caused their well organized infrastructure to eventually crumble? Some claim a nomadic people known as the Aryans, who live north of them in modern day Tibet invaded their lands with advanced weapons and horses, causing them to disperse but this theory seems to be dismissed by scholars.

2. Gobekli Tepe
People might want to start rewriting some history books though and it’s starting to seem possible there was some form of advanced civilization as far back as 12,000 years ago at the end of the ice age. Many historians would agree that it’s some form of religious structure but the area was inhabited for around 3000 years after it was built. The structure predates stonehenge, ancient sumeria and writing by 6000 years. Even with modern day technology, trying to move 60 ton blocks seems nearly impossible. The wheel we know of today wasn’t even invented until 3500 BC, which gives you an idea of what they were capable of. Not only that but it also aligns with the rising star of sirius which is the brightest visible star with the naked eye. This site wasn’t even discovered until 1994, so makes you wonder what other civilizations are underground that have yet to be unearthed!


Hidden Treasures That STILL Can't Be Found!


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6.Dire Wolf
One of the more well-known prehistoric cannines on this list, the dire wolf was a carnivorous predator that once roamed north america. This was the largest species of wolf to walk the earth and hunting in packs, they were nearly unstoppable. They could take down prey 10 times their size and fight off other predators twice their size. A baby woolly mammoth wouldn’t stand a chance against a pack of raging dire wolves. Some of the largest collections of fossils from this animal come from the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits of Los Angeles. Dire wolves would often try to attack animals that got stuck in tar pits, thinking they were an easy target and then get trapped themselves. They existed and thrived in large areas whether it was grasslands, forested areas, plains and so on. Their range was mainly limited to areas away from extreme temperatures. It turns out the gray wolves would survive the test of time and be better equipped to survive the megafaunal extinction event around 12,700 years ago.

5.Giant Sloths
If you though sloths were already terrifying creatures, just be glad you didn’t live during the early pliocene era. These ground sloths were the size of elephants and lived anywhere from south america to as far north as Utah. They would have weighed 4 tonnes and could have measured 20 feet from head to tail. Their size would have only been exceeded by a few animals like rhinos during this time. Although the giant sloth would seem like an easy meal to animals like the saber tooth tiger or dire wolf, they had huge claws that measured 12 inches in length. The sloth flourished up until about 10500 years ago when it was likely over hunted by more the advanced human species. We had to make it to the top of the food chain and cavemen weren’t concerned with the preservation of an endangered species when survival was on the line!

This species of carnivorous dinosaur lived from 155 million to 150 million years ago. It would have looked absolutely horrifying with dozens of sharp serrated teeth and would have been 39 feet in length. It was one of the more common predators and often on top of the food chain, consuming other herbivore dinosaurs and could even eat other predators if it needed to. Similar to the direwolves it hunted in packs.Just a few of them could take down mega giants like this barosaurus trying to defend himself. Quite a few of these have been discovered in the northwestern united states in places like wyoming. Some of the best preserved specimens are named Big Al and Big Al two who are on display at the museum of the rockies and at the University of Wyoming Geological Museum. When it comes to comparing the TRex and the allosaurus, the allowsaurus had the weaker jaws of the two but it’s mouth could open up wider.

Fossils from this extinct horrifying creature have been discovered in US states including montana, utah, wyoming and oklahoma but some teeth were also found as far east as Maryland. The name translates from greek to mean terrible claw, which definitely helps it make it on this list. This type of raptor was a lot smaller than previous dinosaurs like the allosaur and can move with exceptional agitly and grace that hadn’t really been seen before the cretaceous period. There’s really creature like this in modern times. But it would possibly be like making a hybrid of a cassowary, and with the fierceness of a wolverine, The main reason it earns this name is because of the large sickle-shaped talon that’s found on the second toe of each hind foot. This species would have been about the height of a toddler but a whole lot scarier! Their razor sharp teeth could easily rip through flesh if their claws didn’t get the job done.

The most horrifying well-known dinosaur known as the Tyrannosaurus rex would truly be a downright evil looking creature is we ever saw one alive. These lived 68-66 million years ago during the upper cretaceous period. The most complete skeletons we have to date would have these large reptiles measuring in at 40 feet in length and would have weighed an estimated 8 tons. The 15 feet tall creatures would have only eaten meat and even each other. Evidence seems to indicate cannibalism within this species and they would often interact with each other violently, especially when there was a lack of food. We imagine these fights being pretty epic. One thing is certain, if we ever decide to clone any of these terrifying animals, we better be careful.


Most INCREDIBLE Tomb Discoveries Around The World!

5. Amenhotep’s tomb
American archaeologists were able to come across two stunning ancient egyptian tomb rather recently in 2015. Believed to be the old tombs of Amenhotep and his wife Sa-mut, this is a big find for Egyptology. These were found in the ancient city of Luxor in southern Egypt. Not to be confused with the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada. This dates back to the 18th dynasty which is the most well known dynasty during Egypt’s thrive New Kingdom, which stretched from northern sudan to Israel. Here in this photo, you see some of the wonderful murals that ancient egyptian tombs are celebrated for. Both tombs featured wonderful works of art, however it was clear that it was ransacked and looted at sometimes. Some lucky criminal was able to snag the valuable sarcophagi located in these tombs and also bejeweled mummy completely gone. It’s mostly like this was done during ancient times. Despite the looting, the tomb remains in excellent condition.

4. Sillustani Tombs
Some notable tombs in south america come from the incan civilizations and one of their more notable burial grounds are found near the shores of Lake Umayo in the Andes Mountains. It’s a very scenic place where many of us would spend good money to rest for eternity. Here you’ll find above ground tombs, many of which have been damaged from dynamite used by grave robbers. Inside the tombs, were groups of people, not just one person and were likely to belong to one family at a time. The arid and dry climate of the andes mountains help preserve the bodies which managed to survive for centuries. The massive megalithic stone towers were made from basalt and no one knows exactly where it was quarried from. The inca certainly didn’t have the kind of technology to construct such towers and it’s believed that the towers were there first and then people got buried there. It likely came from the same civilization that was responsible for constructing puma punka in bolivia

3. The Kushite Necropolis
This 2000 year old, underground city of the dead was discovered in Sudan near the Nile River and it’s here where they came across a few startling discoveries. The Kingdom of Kush flourished during this time and controlled a vast territory of Africa. They built hundreds of remarkable pyramids but in this case, all the monuments are underground. This culture shared a few similarities with the ancient Egyptians as you can see from this decorated box that was uncovered at the site. Archaeologists believe the large eye here is used as decoration but also to protect against evil spirits. This silver ring was also found at this remarkable site and depicts the ancient egyptian deity Amun who in this culture, was depicted with a ram’s head. They also came across this s keleton who is believed to have been an archer since his tomb was found with plenty of arrowheads.

2. Viking Longboat Tomb
A Viking warlord was buried in his boat 1000 years ago and was found fully maintained in the United Kingdom! With him, were his weapons of war; like this sword and axe head. Judging by the large amount of treasure found in his tomb, archaeologists firmly believe the was successful viking raider, who successfully looted British monasteries. Here in this photo, we see a sketch of how the Viking burial might have looked after the warrior had finally passed away. The fact that he was buried like this all the way in England, shows powerful the Vikings were at this time and the influence they had in this land. Here we see Dr Oliver Harris examining the sword in the original site of the tomb. One of the more fascinating finds was this tooth they came across. The boat he was buried in had decayed and the only thing left was the 200 metal rivets that kept it in place. The fact that he was buried in the boat means he was a dedicated follower of the old norse religion, since many had converted of the Norse Touching an axehead like this almost seems like she’s grasping on to history.


BEST CASTLES For the Zombie Apocalypse!

6.Château de Val
Located on a peninsula of an artificial lake in the country of France is found in the remote region of Auvergne where no one would even look to find you. The area surrounding the castle is heavily forested, and the artificial lake right next to it should provide you with plenty of fresh drinking water. There is also a yacht club right next to it, meaning you should be able to snatch one if the original owner is no longer able to claim it. Built in the 13th century, it appears to be in great shape and would prove to be a formidable hideout during the apocalypse. The forest should also provide you with an environment to get some hunting done

5.Castle of Bardi, Italy
This picturesque castle in italy is said to be haunted by various spirits especially late at night. According to legend, the last elephant of Hannibal's army died at this location during the sacking of rome. The castle was home to a vicious siege in 1269 lead by alberto fontana but was acquired by different rulers throughout history. Built at the top of the hill, this medieval castle should give you an excellent view of zombies down below, so you can tell when they’re coming

4. Lake Bled Island
This fairy tale type setting almost seems like the perfect place to survive the zombie apocalypse until the lake freezes!Although this isn’t a castle per se, there’s certainly no reason to not take advantage of the geographical features here. A lake with not too appealing of a name to English completely surrounds a Baroque Church in the northern part of the country near the border with Austria. It certainly seems possible to transform the church into a stronghold against zombies. (breath) The picturesque environment has mostly been under German or Austrian rule for a long period of time although archaeologists believe they found some evidence of slavic cults taking place here since the 9th century AD.

3.Valletta, Malta
The fact that the city of Valletta is already on an island is a great start After being invaded many times by numerous different people, the island of Malta has an extensive number of fortifications. Here you can find walled fortress, citadels, forts, towers, redoubts and pillboxes. The strategic location has made it desired by many different powers, and if zombies decide to come in, there will be an extremely large number of fortified places to hide. Here we see Fort Manoel, built by the knights of Saint John. It was slightly damaged during world war II but restored and back in fighting condition. Every strategic location of this city is fortified with, including St. Andrew’s Bastion. At the very tip of the harbor, stands Fort St Elmo, with withstood siege by the Ottomans for 28 days. Either of these castles will make for a great option during the apocalypse.

2.Azay le Rideau
The original site of Azay le Rideau was home to a medieval castle but the one we see in modern times was built between 1518 and 1527. It was built by Gilles Berthelot that we see in this portrait, who had a prominent role in handling the king's finances. The picturesque chateau is surrounded by wooded forests and water which make it a beautiful example of French architecture during this period of time, and also a a pretty strong fortress for the apocalypse. Although it’s not really designed to defend against large scale attacks. Completely surrounded by the indre river, you can focus your attention on defending the only 3 ways to get. So make sure you got a good number of people on your squad and live it up in the chateaux de la Loire.


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Most UNBELIEVABLE Places in Thailand

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8. White Temple Thailand
Also known as Wat Rong Khun but locals, the tourists prefer to call it the white temple since it’s easier, this art exhibit takes the form of a Buddhist Temple. The design is quite intricate and it portrays a massive amount of detail. The temple was damaged by an earthquake in 2014 and has been closed for a long period of time. Many had believed that the building was not repairable but after being closely inspected by an engineering team, they decided to give it a shot. It’s rumored that there is actually a golden toilet inside and it’s considered to be the most beautiful bathroom in all of thailand. So maybe it’s a good place to stop after too much thai tea! It was partially restored but it’s not expected to be completely finished until 2070. Tourists can still take photos outside but no photos are allowed inside

7. Chicken Island Thailand
As you’re cruising through places in Southeast Asia, you may come across a few mysterious looking islands that seemingly form from nowhere. Thailand is home to many interesting geological wonders that are surrounded by sapphire blue beaches. One unique one is known as Chicken Island, which is found in the Krabi Province of Thailand. From different points of view, one might think it’s a giant chicken swimming on the ocean.

6. James Bond Island
This crazy looking rock almost seems as though it’s completely photoshopped but it’s not! A huge limestone pillar juts out from the sea and creates a huge tourist attraction! It’s located in Thailand and many are drawn by it’s beauty and mystery. The limestone tower reaches 66 feet highIf you decide to go to Thailand someday you should probably do it in style and stay somewhere isolated like on Koyao Island Resort, located in the Phang Ng-a Bay. Here you’ll notice many other remote islands in the calm that might be fun to explore. From here, you can also make arrangements for excursions to the famous “james bond island”.

5. Phuket Vegetarian Festival
I guess you could say this is one holy festival? This festival held each year in Phuket, Thailand includes men sticking large knives, gun barrel and other sharp spikes through their cheek! This festival requires people to give up meat for 9 days, as if that wasn’t bad enough. It’s here where they try to call on spirits and give up various products during the ninth lunar month from the Chinese calendar. Participants believe the piercings aides in shifting the evil spirits elsewhere. This guy here really looks like he’s going to be feeling that one tomorrow. Even young teenagers have been known to participate in this brutal ritual. You could never imagine how much stuff you can pierce through your cheek!

4. Chonburi, Thailand
Most of us probably consider Buddhism to be a peaceful enlightening religion but some Buddhists in Thailand with a wild imagination, came up with this park. Also known as the Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, tourists are basically getting an insane walkthrough of the artist's portrayal of hell, located outside a monastery. Some grotesque statues depict torture and suffering as you walk through. They believe that in Hell, sinners must face brutal punishments. Despite some of the statues being quite graphic, it’s a popular destination for family day trips. Do so at your own risk.

3.Bang Kwang Prison
Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this correctional facility is home to Thailand’s Death Row and certainly one of the worst places in the world you could possible be. Nicknamed the Bangkok Hilton, this seems like the last place you’d want to stay in Thailand during vacation, unless you enjoy eating maggots There’s no problem with housing foreign inmates either. Guards are outnumbered 50-1 and Prisoners are must be in their cells 15 hours a day, and a jampacked full of other prisoners. Many simply lose their minds after staying here too long and many will die from the conditions.

2. Thailand Airplane Graveyard
Planes are used each and everyday and we’ve had them as a way of transportation for the past century now. Planes were at one point, a scarce commodity and now there are so many of them, they’re left abandoned. With advancements in technology and from overuse, planes that were once miles in the sky, now rot away or scrapped for parts. Here we see what’s left of an airplane in Thailand, that’s been scrapped for electrical wires and relentlessly graffiti by gangs in the area.It was also difficult keeping the planes in top condition due to the humid climates. People can still wander inside this giant rust buckets and see what’s left behind from the past.


Most INCREDIBLE Lake Discoveries Around The World!

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7. Lake Vostok Discoveries
Located on the inhospitable continent of Antarctica lies a freshwater lake, but you won’t be coming here anytime soon. It’s located 13,000 feet below an extremely thick layer of ice. The water beneath the ice sheet hasn’t seen the surface of earth in millions of year. Scientists took on the extremely difficult challenge of drilling through the ice and came across something shocking. They found over 3500 different species of organisms. What interesting about this is that a moon called europa also has a thick layer of ice over a liquid water ocean. If things could survive the conditions in antarctica, they most likely could on this moon, increasing the chance of alien life by a long shot. They even found things like fish, and this shrimp which were much more complicated organisms than they expected. Here you see one of the species of shrimp that was found below over 2 miles of ice at lake Vostock

6. Bacteria at Morning Glory Pool, Wyoming
We could probably put the entire national park of yellowstone on this list but we’ll get a little more specific. When have you ever seen a pool like this before in your life! In case you thought it was only man made structures that are colorful, think again! The colors on this hot spring. The strange colors of this pool are caused by a large variety of bacteria that live here. After an earthquake, this pool has the potential to turn into a geyser. It’s believed that this was actually more colorful at some point but people began throwing trash into it and slightly altered its appearance.

5. Shi Cheng
Also known as the Chinese Atlantis, the ancient city was once a powerful center of politics and an economical trade center in the eastern province of Zhejiang. It is now at the bottom of a land made lake called Qiandao that was the result of a new hydroelectric power station. Surrounded by the lion mountains, it was dubbed Lion City and is below 131 feet of water. Divers like we see in this image have revisited the majestic city and hope to make it a new tourist attraction in China. It still remains in great condition. In this photo you can see what the great place may have once looked like hundreds of years ago. You can still see the great detail of the statues and architecture from 1400 years ago. With all the intricate carving, this would make an excellent place for scuba diving.

4. Heart Shaped Lake
Doesn’t this seem like a romantic place to spend the evening with your significant other? Well too bad because it looks like it’s on private property. Located in the midwest, this lake is upside down when you first search it but you wouldn’t notice that unless your looking at it from google maps! Located in Columbia Station, Ohio, this is possibly the most romantic lake on this list and it’s most likely a natural wonder. It’s unclear exactly how it formed to be so symmetrical. The only entrance has a private gate and appears to be locked off from the public.

3. Exploding Lakes of Africa
Some lakes in central africa have far higher CO2 levels that other places which can suddenly erupt under certain circumstances. Such a lake is known as Lake Nyos in Cameroon where sudden explosions have been known to devastate the local population. In 1986, one spontaneous explosion killed nearly 2000 people and 3500 livestock. Lake Kivu is the third most explosive lake, located in the country of Rwanda and it certainly has the potential to be deadly since a large amount of people live nearby. Some of them are trying to extract the flammable gas in a risky process known as catalyst scrubbing.

2. The Eye
In Argentina, a mysterious island was spotted by a film crew when they were searching for a location to film. The island is in the shape of an almost perfect circle and it sits on top of a lake that’s also in the shape of a circle! The island is said to actually rotate, and move around on its own. The filmmakers started a kickstarter program in order to investigate this mysterious location. Some claim it’s actually a secret alien base using the island for cover. The film crew claims that the “circles are so perfect that it’s hard to believe that this is a natural formation.


MYSTERIOUS Abandoned Places in Russia

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7.Marx Generator
Hidden within a forest near Moscow is a strange, abandoned machine that might cause some confusion if you stumbled upon it one day. This massive configuration of tubes, and coils is what’s known as the Marx Generator and it’s a shockingly powerful machine. This strange device is capable of generating lightning bolts. At it’s peak performance, it was able to generate a discharge of lightning equal to all of the power generators in Russia, but for only a fraction of a second. It could create a bolt of lightning over 100 feet high, Why would the soviets build such a powerful, electrical device? This was to test how planes and other equipment would hold up against lightning strikes or to see how they would react against an electromagnetic pulse.The US had constructed a similar electronic pulse stimulator for the same reasons but it looks completely different!

6.Crimean Atomic Energy Station
This unfinished construction project remains abandoned in Russia and it was set to be one of the bigger power plants in ukraine. After pripyat appeared to be a success until the meltdown, the Soviets thought they could build a similar one on the the Crimean peninsula but not all went according to planned. A town known as Shcholkine was built to house the workers who were building the project. However after the chernobyl power plant disaster, many scientists began to doubt the power plants design and started to double think its construction. Today the city and the site are completely abandoned. It’s better to not take a risk with the same design that contaminated a large part of the country. Other power plants have been abandoned due to association with the one in Chernobyl.

5.Siberian Diamond Mine
Also known as the Mirny Mine, The USSR began searching for ways to make to make themselves a more economical stable and independent union. In 1955 the Soviets discovered large diamond deposit s at this site in the far away lands of Siberia and many people got to work very quickly in order to help bring wealth to the union. After about 20 years of operations, they finally decided that At one point this mine produced 10 million carats of diamonds a year and reaches a max depth of 524 meters or around 1700 feet making it the 2nd largest excavated hole in the world. The mine is so deep, airspace is closed over the hole due to helicopter crashes caused from the downward flow of air. It’s possible that controlling this diamond is mine is crucial to controlling the price of diamonds across the world.

4.Gagra, Russia
Gagra is located along the Black sea and stretches 5 kilometers along the water. The subtropical climate made for a perfect location for Russians who wanted to escape the cold winters but with war in the area the town became quickly depopulated. In 1989 it had had a population of 26,636 but it was left as a lost paradise when hundreds of Georgian citizens were expelled from their homes and many were massacred, turning it into a complete ghost town. The war-torn land turned Ghagra from a beautiful tourist attraction to a grim dark place where many murders took place. Many still claim the land is still haunted to this day.

3.Lake Karachay
Located in Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast Region, near the border of Kazakhstan, it’s been home to quite a few accidents, releasing a deadly cocktail of hazardous radioactive elements into the water. The lake has also been known to dry up and spread radioactive dust in the wind! Lake Karachay has been a dumping ground for one of the Soviet Union’s biggest Nuclear weapons facilities and it wouldn’t be a good idea to even get close. It’s currently listed as a near surface and dry nuclear waste storage facility and it appears from google maps at least that the pollution has caused the entire lake to dry up.

2. Moscow Downtown
While there is the Alexanderplatz in Berlin and Eiffel tower in Paris, you really won’t see more than just one skyscraper in western european cities. Here in this photo, we see the modern skyscrapers that literally look like they're scraping the skies. Although some of these skyscrapers are mainly vacant at the moment, Russia’s financial district proves to be at the very least, an impressive architectural achievement. Wealthy Russians can afford to live in these luxury high rise buildings, and enjoy the escape from the crowded city center. These unusual weather conditions allowed for some astonishing photos, with a mix of purple, gold and red. Here in this photo we see the Ostankino Tower, which is a television tower that rises amazing 1772 feet in the sky! It’s currently the tallest structure in continental Europe and remains the eighth tallest building in the world.


STRANGEST Discoveries Made In Mediterranean Sea!

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6. Abandoned Naval Mines
Due to extensive naval battle in some areas across the world, underwater mines were constructed as a sneaky way to sink a ship. But just because these are abandoned and pretty old, that doesn’t mean they’re not still dangerous. The oceans can be a dangerous place out there. The Mediterranean still contains active underwater mines which can go off from fishing boats or basically anything. Many were left from world war II or from the fascists to protect naval harbors. It’s not exactly clear how many naval mines are left over in the mediterranean sea and finding out is a risky business. The italian Navy still continues to remove deadly underwater mines especially in areas near naples.. In anycase, some of these abandoned mines, are still lurking around near Italy and can weigh up to 1000 pounds each. Some even believe that underwater mines might detonate ships from migrants coming from the south and might have been the cause why one with 300 people on board went missing.. So watch out!

5. First Boat Making Tools
Thanks to this discovery found on the island of Crete, archaeologists can prove that sea travel took place at least 130,000 years ago. The previous known time people were able to trave l by boat was around 60,000 BC. Stone age tools like these axes were found in ancient shelters that some believe were used to construct some of the first boats used for transportation. They’re very similar to the tools used by our ancient ancestors known as the Homo Erectus. Since the island of Crete has been separated from the mainland of Greece for quite some time now, this leads archaeologists to believe that the only way settlers were able to get here was by some type of boat. How advanced were these boats they had, and what other places were discovered that we might not know about?

4. MS Zenobia
A large ferry hit the seas in 1979 and on its very first voyage or maiden voyage, it capsized completely and sank less than a year later off the coast of Cyprus! It seemed as though there was possibly a problem with the steering. 200 million dollars worth of cargo was destroyed and it’s a rather embarrassing disaster for the Swedes despite there being no casualties. However not all is lost from the ship. It’s become a massive scuba diving hotpot, rated for being within the top 10 best scuba diving spots. Swimmers only need to make it down about 138 feet or so to witness the wreck underwater. Many scuba divers are given the chance to explore the mysterious wreckage. This photo here shows part of the seaweed covered propeller which only got to make one good trip. Here we see some trucks that have fallen all the way to the bottom and will never get the chance to hit the streets again. Some unique challenges are presented to even some of the most experienced divers out there, with little entrances into the ship

3 Caesarea Sunken Treasure
Over 2600 coins dating back over 1000 years were discovered off the coast of Israel by scuba divers near the port city of caesarea. It’s the largest treasure trove found off of Israels mediterranean coast. The coins were originally minted in Egypt and Northern Africa and belonged to the Fatimid Caliphs Al Hakin and Al Zahir. The total weight of all the gold was roughly 16.6 pounds but historically priceless. No one is exactly sure why such a large amount of coins were discovered all in one place but it’s likely they were from taxes collected by the Egyptian government. Other theories would indicate that the hoard was possibly from a merchant ship that bartered with coastal cities along the mediterranean. It’s now considered to be a national treasure after everything was authenticated. The coins turned out to be in remarkable condition despite being at the bottom of the sea for over 1000 years.

2. Mv Panagiotis
The Navagio Beach, also lovingly known as “The Shipwreck Beach” lies in an enchanting pool of Ionian Sea water, and it’s been named by some as “the most beautiful beach in the world”. The wrecked ship that famously lies on it’s shore was a ship suspected of selling contraband cigarettes. It was trying to get past the Greek Navy when it crashed into a rock during bad weather in 1980. It gives it a touch of character, wouldn’t you agree?? It looks sugary sandy from above, but the beach is actually covered in pebbles. It’s the most famous beach in Greece and unfortunately, it can only be accessed by boat. Tourists certainly enjoy coming to this one and expect to see some other beachgoers here.


Safest Place To Go During Zombie Apocalypse On Each Continent

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6. Australia-Port Arthur, Tasmania
Completely surrounded by oceans, australia might be already safe from the zombie apocalypse if they take close precautions with letting in people from the outside but you never know!. If you want you feel even safer though, Tasmania might be even more isolated. You might take one good look at Port Arthur and think it’s some kind of 5 star australian hotel or something, but that certainly isn’t the case! In fact not only is it a former convict settlement. It originally started off as a timber station but from 1833 to 1853 it was the destination for the hardest of the convicted British criminals, often for criminals who were sent to australia and reoffended. Although it was considered to be one of those prisons where escape was impossible, some convicts managed to get out and some even resorted to cannibalism in tasmania, which means it’ might not be the easiest place to find food. Nonetheless, with a boat and some fishing tools, there’s gotta be some way to find food here right? Maybe some rare marsupials such as the short beaked echidna, platypus, kangaroos, or tasmanian devils/

5. Europe- Carcassonne, France
If you’re somewhere in France and the zombie apocalypse strikes, consider coming to the city of Carcassonne, located ian Southwestern France. The medieval, Cite de Carcassonne, will become the perfect stronghold for fighting off hordes of the undead. This was once a thriving trading post, that’s fortified with over 50 towers and the walls can reach about 30 feet high. Being Unesco world heritage site, it is still in great condition to this day. Equipped with a drawbridge, the people inside can decide who they want to let in. Even against looters during the apocalypse, this fortification could prove to be extremely effective. There’s also plenty of space outside the cities walls for farming, but just be careful. On another note, a modern flare was given to it that we see in this photo which involved quite a bit of yellow paint? Do you guys this this was a good idea to do this to a

4. Gibraltar Tunnels
Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula and the famous rock of Gibraltar is visited by many people each year. But many might not realise that this famous rock was actually transformed into a bunker by the British which consists of 34 miles of underground tunnels which is nearly twice as long as the cities road network. Made of limestone, this mountain is perfect for carving up and being utilized for zombie protection. The first line of defensive was created in the 1700’s by the british but it greatly expanded into an underground garrison for troops. During a time when boats will replace most aircraft, gibraltar will become even more important during the apocalypse

3North America Alcatraz
This location will certainly require a strong boat or even a helicopter if you’re looking to call this place your hide out. Alcatraz is certainly a famous place in America but it could also be the best place in America on the west coast to begin a settlement and call home. Located right near the mainland, it makes a great base for looting the mainland for resources. If you and your zombie hunting squad manage to capture this area before other survivors you should be able defend it pretty well. The strong current has made it nearly impossible to swim to which certainly makes it impossible for any zombies to get here. Consider the skies to be the only weak point and have a plan in case any one tries to attack you from the air, looking to take your fort! Prisons in general are designed to not only keep people out but to keep people in, so they have the right foundations for what you need in a hide out.

2. South America Lake Titicaca
Located in the Peruvian Andes,you might come across some llamas but also one of the most mysterious lakes in the world that could also be one of the safest against zombies. Many people are unable to even come here and report severe altitude sickness. It’s found 13,000 feet above sea level making it the highest navigable lake and the people that inhabit this lake build floating islands out of reeds. Another advantage to coming here is that the people are among some of the shortest in the world, meaning the zombies should be less intimidating to fight off. Inhabitants here live somewhat of a simple lifestyle, the same way as some of their Inca ancestors, almost as if the apocalypse has already hit. It stretches 110 miles across and separates peru from Bolivia. Unfortunately, the lake has become a little bit polluted in recent years but the water deep in the lake is fine after boiling. Plus there should still be plenty of melted snow and rain here to keep you hydrated.


Unbelievable Things Owned By the Dupont Family

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5.Gen X
If one chemical gets banned all, they need to is slightly change it et voila it’s no longer illegal! Very similar to teflon, Gen X is produced by a company called chemours which is a corporate spin-off of Dupont with its headquarters in Fayetteville, North Carolina. People have found out that they have caused reproductive problems and cancer. Is this the elite’s way of controlling the population! It’s a manmade fluorochemical which isn’t illegal just yet and classified as a industrial byproduct. It turns out there was alarming concentrations of Gen X near the cape fear river and chemours had been shamelessly dumping it into the environment.

4.Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon has been riding around in his racecar not knowing he’s basically owned by a globalist elite. The primary sponsor of the number 24 chevrolet team has been dupont and he was riding with them pretty much his entire career until he retired 2016. During his career he won three time during the Daytona 500 and has the most wins in Nascar modern era. Many nascar fans will remember seeing this famous car taking first place in many high profile racing events and it makes you wonder if they had some kind unfair advantage.

3.Kevlar Vests
If dupont couldn’t profit from gunpowder anymore, they’d still find a way to profit from war but make it seem like they’re saving people. Kevlar is another synthetic material used for racing tires, bicycle tires and even racing boat sails but its main purpose was for bulletproof vests. Ever since guns were first created, people have been looking for ways to protect themselves against them, but were never too successful until recently. This photo was captured in 1923 testing a fairly primitive bullet proof vest from nearly point blank range. Although they were somewhat available during WWII nothing too good ever came out until 1950’s, when aluminum sheets was imbedded into nylon. This was known as the M-1951 which weighed about 7 and a half pounds for each vest. It was able to stop some powerful pistol rounds which was a big advancement but still wasn’t too useful on the battlefield. Today in modern times, we’ve advanced to using Kevlar vests that can stop all kinds of different bullets, like the dragon skin. This was a material used in tires that was developed in 1965 and not long after, the duponts started making vests out of it. This tough, net like material has the ability to stop bullets flying as a fast as the speed of sound, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. Bullet Proof vests are now standard equipment for many soldiers across the world.

2.DuPont Industrial Biosciences
If you thought monsanto was the only one creating GMO’s think again! In 1999, Dupont became the the largest seed producing company that are used for the production of genetically modified soy and corn. They’re among the top 4 biotech companies in the world who combined create all genetically modified seeds in the world as well as 60 percent of the worlds pesticides. The other companies are Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer. Dupont and these companies spend a fortune to corrupt our government to allow for these frankenfoods to exist. They continue to shovel loads of money to politicians who are on their side. Despite everywhere else in the world being totally against genetically engineered projects, our presidents have appointed officials that have been defendings, lobbying or even working for biotech companies. In any case, monsanto and dupont have been duking it out for control over their patents. Many would argue that dupont is the lesser of the two evils and they aren’t harassing farmers if the genetics of the crop ends up on their farm


Ways the Government Tries to CONTROL Us

From finding ways to keep us forever in debt, to trying to reduce the population by means of the food we eat everyday, here are ways the government tries to control us

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Now of course the government tells us that fluoride in water is perfectly safe and it will prevent tooth decay among our population. If this is the case why do so few countries actually do this? This introduction to fluoride is only in English speaking countries like Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Excessive amounts of fluoride can be as dangerous as arsenic. Many countries have stopped the practice of fluoridation. Could this process be a plot for the government to dumb down the population and make us less powerful to resist domination by tyrannical rule?

4. Department of Homeland Security
Typically, after a false flag attack, the government attempts to make changes for security purposes and they wasted no time creating the department of homeland security! After the attacks on 9/11 President George Bush Jr decides it’s a good idea to create a new department of security in order to fight terrorism. We already got the FBI, National Guard, the CIA, the NSA and now we need to spend more tax dollars on Homeland Security, just in case those guys can’t do their job. With a budget of 40 Billion dollars and 240,000 employees you can tell there’s some people out there getting pretty big salaries. The department was blamed for wasting 2 billion dollars and items unrelated to fighting terrorism.

3.Keeping US in Debt
Is college really worth it nowadays or is it all one big conspiracy to keep people in student for a long period of time? Many countries offer affordable or even free education after high school but america certainly isn’t one of them! While many debts can be forgiven with bankruptcy, student loan debt will follow you around until you kick the bucket. Student loan debt has totaled to around 1.5 trillion dollars and graduates finish college with on average 30,000 in debts. About 70 percent of college students are ending up with some form of student loan debt and many of them are now start to refuse to pay it! Many seniors from high school won’t think twice about it and feel inclined to go to college no matter the cost. The loans come from the federal government with interest of course, and they wouldn’t be giving this money out if they didn't know that they’d be getting it back. You can go up to about 270 without paying your loans but anything longer can result in them confiscating your paychecks! Many people are begining to refuse to pay up and are fed up with the fed’s predatory loan tactics.

2.Public School Systems
Is america being deliberately dumbed down to keep us from rising up against the elite. It took smart men like voltaire, jean jacques rousseau and john locke to bring about revolutions that brought an end to monarchy in Europe. So it doesn’t make sense to provide the population a veritable education if brains can bring an end to a dynasty. In any case, many people feel as though the public school system isn’t about us getting a good education but actually discipline us, and make us good workers for corporations. The global elite isn’t looking for philosophers, politicians, artists and stuff like that. They don’t want any more competition. According to John Taylor Gatto, 3 major ideas were imported from prussia to american educationalists. This included obedience, subordination and collective life. Our education seems to promote focus on creating good citizens who will work and pay tax dollars in the future and not the pursuit of individual dreams. In 1880 Massachusetts when public schooling laws were taking effect, it apparent required a militia to persuade people in Cape Cod to hand their kids over to the system.


Most MYSTERIOUS Prehistoric Artifacts To Be Uncovered

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10. Swimming Reindeer

5.Olive Oil Discovery
It truly is interesting, especially from the point of a nutritionist, what exactly mankind ate thousands of years ago. Many people survived eating the minimum amount of calories necessary, therefore, relying on extremely nutritious foods, most of the time. Ancient people in Israel as far back as 8000 BC began domesticating olive trees. Most researchers believe that olive oil was a staple food in the mediterranean especially during the Roman era, but this goes to show that olive oil has been around for quite some time. This pot here was found with residue of olive oil near the lower galilee region of Northern Israel. This is the oldest known discovery of olive oil but there’s a good chance it was widespread across the mediterranean!

4. 13000 year Old Brewery
Possibly the oldest brewery in the world was discovered in Israel and physical evidence concluded extensive knowledge of brewing techniques by nomadic people. It was found in Raqefet Cave in the Carmel Mountains in September of 2018 and it’s believed they understood how to bake bread as well. The archaeological team found various grains which are commonly used for brewing beer such as barley, wheat, oats and legumes. Some are even begining to believe that one of the reasons for the beginning of agriculture was to brew beer and food was just secondary. It was used for their various rituals, during feasts and for social gatherings, kind of like how it is in modern times.

3. Shigir Idol
This photo here shows the Shigir Idol which is actually the oldest known wooden statue in the world, twice as old as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. This remarkable preserved piece of art stand 9.2 feet tall. This was discovered in a bog in 1894 at a depth of 13 feet underground in the Ural mountains of Russia.. There are about 6 wooden faces carved into it which could be a depiction of the ancestors of the ones who created it. There are many zig zag like patterns that you see in this photo which some people claim is representing the double helix formation found in DNA but there seems to be no way for them to know about that. Others claim it represents a snake but it’s been mystery for archaeologists since it’s been discovered..

2. Acheulean Stone Tools
Used about 1.76 million years ago by the homo erectus humans, these were some of the first tools ever created. Also known as the hand axe, these were extensively used thoughout early human history up until the early stone age which was around 300,000 years ago. The axes get their name from the archaeological dig site call Saint Acheul in France around the late 1860’s. Other stone axes such as this were found in places such as Africa, Asia and Europe but the oldest ones were found in the country of kenya. This very crude form of technology would have been pretty much the only thing they could have used for tasks like scraping meat off of a wild mammoth for example. Having the mental ability to craft any kind of tool and use it to their advantage for any animal is a great accomplishment


Most MYSTERIOUS Facts About Space

But first, we’d like to give a quick shout out to Todd Ricky for leaving us this comment. In our unbelievable things owned by the rockefellers video, we asked you guys if you thought JZ had some kind of connection with the illuminati or secret societies. He could certainly be throwing up that symbol with his hands. Alright now let’s get on to the video.

14.Jupiter's Red Spot
One of the biggest mysteries in our solar system is this giant never ending storm in jupiter which is big enough to fit 2 or 3 earth sized planets inside. Not only is it simply massive but it’s been going on for the past 300 years. Winds here get about 400 miles an hour and put mars’ windstorms to shame. The infrared system on the james webb telescope given us some insight on why the changes in size. It turns out that recently the spot is getting smaller. In 2014, the red spot was about 10,250 miles in diameter which was about the size at it’s peak. You can clearly tell the size difference from 1995 to about 20 years later. It’s stayed about the same size since. Maybe jupiter needs to hold off on the global warming?

13.Comet on Bayeux Tapestry
Halley’s comet orbits our most well known comment and it travels around our solar system ever 75-76 years. It’s very rare to witness this kind of thing, let alone trying to catch a photo of it with a satellite! In 1986, this ball of dust and ice was caught on camera by Giotto, a European spacecraft. It’s very rare to see the nucleus of this comet in such detail! The orbital path of this comet is quite strange and goes against the orbital paths of jupiter saturn, uranus and neptune. It speeds up quite drastically when it gets closer to the sun in the inner solar system. The comment was even recorded in 1066 and recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry. The next return of haley’s comet is in 2061, so if you missed it already, good luck living til then!

12.Space Travel DNA
Believe it or not, extended space travel can actually change your DNA. An astronaut spent an entire year at an international space station and when he got back to earth he managed to increase his height by 2 inches! Seems like a pricey alternative to leg lengthening surgery! Scientists were surprised to find out that his gut bacteria was totally different and his gene expression had changed. It turns out that the body responded to the stresses of space travel by the changes in a cells biological pathways.

11. Neptune Radiating Heat
The planet of neptune is extremely far away from the sun about 2.79 billion miles away. To put that into perspective, earth is only about 93 million miles away. When it manages to absorb the sun's heat, the surface on a hot day might be around -218 degrees celsius. It also manages to form two things; methane and diamond. As the diamond sinks into the planet, it release energy in the form of heat. What strange about all this is not only the diamond rain that goes on here but also that neptune manages to release 2.6 times as much heat on its own than heat it receives from the sun.

10. Olympus Mons
Allow us to take a quick trip to the planet mars to discuss the largest geological structure in the solar system. Olympus mons and you can see it rather clearly in this image, popping out of the surface. This was captured by the Phoenix mars lander in 2008 and this volcano rises 13.6 miles high. Although the slopes aren’t too steep, with that much size at the base, it wouldn’t be clear theoretically for a person to know they were at the summit once they made it to the top. The slope of the volcano would cover up an horizon even if it was on a clear day. The real mystery about this place is if it could still be active or not. Scientists feel as though right now, Olympus mons is just dormant and might be taking a quick break before it erupts again some day. Oh yeah and maybe there’s aliens, who knows.

9. Io Eruptions
You probably look up to the moon and think to yourself that it’s basically a dead wasteland with no geothermal activity and you’re probably right but moons of other planets might be a little bit different. Jupiter’s moon Io for example is full of volcanic life and it’s considered to be the most active geothermal moon in the solar system. The moon has hundreds of active volcanoes which can send plumes of ash 250 miles into the sky. Since io is exposed to so much gravity from jupiter, it causes more activity and new ones can be created quite rapidly. This one shoots out lava that that’s not always the case for all volcanoes