Our Vision: Research and Supporting the Foundation

Stanford class examines the impact and ethics of technology

Breaking Barriers: Ellen Ochoa's Journey from Stanford to Space

Med School 101: High school students sample Stanford Medicine

https://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2019/03/29/med-school-101 :-a-day-at-stanford-for-local-teens/

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Our Vision: Education

March 13: Concluding Session

March 6: Power of Private Platforms

CERSI 2019

Aerial views of Stanford Redwood City

Stanford HAI 2019: Session 1- Welcome and Introduction to Stanford HAI

Stanford HAI 2019: Session 2 - Intelligence Inspired by Humans

Stanford HAI 2019: Session 4 - AI's Human and Societal Impacts

Stanford HAI 2019: Keynote with Bill Gates

Stanford HAI 2019 Closing Keynote with Gavin Newsom

Stanford HAI 2019: Session 5 - Augmenting Human Capabilities